Erika Jurado-Graham

Erika Jurado-Graham

The U-Visa Certification

The first thing a client wants to know during a U-Visa consultation is what he or she needs to start a case. Assuming you qualify for a U-Visa, the first thing you will need is the U-Visa certification. To get the certification means to obtain the signature of a person of authority in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. This person of authority signs an immigration form stating you were indeed the victim of a qualifying U-Visa crime in their jurisdiction and that you helped or were willing to help in the investigation or prosecution of that crime. Examples of helpfulness include calling the police to report the crime, giving a statement to law enforcement, or testifying in court. In most cases, the certification is signed by either the law enforcement agency where the crime occurred, or by the district attorney’s office where the crime was prosecuted. Once you have the certification, you are ready to begin processing your U-Visa case.

Sometimes a client comes to us after having obtained the certification himself. However, in most cases the client does not have the certification. This may be because the person is not aware he needs it, he is afraid to go to the law enforcement agency to try to get it, or because he just doesn’t feel comfortable trying to obtain a legal document by himself. After processing hundreds of U-Visa cases, we have developed relationships with many of the law enforcement agencies and the district attorney’s offices in Kansas, as well as those in many other states across the U.S. If you believe you may qualify for a U-Visa and need help obtaining a certification for your case, please contact our office and schedule an appointment!


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